Preamplifier matrix panel

This device provides 8 audio inputs, control inputs and outputs to expand a VX-3000 system. Its digitalised audio signals can be transmitted not only in LANs but also via WANs and the Internet.

  • Expansion of audio inputs for the VX-3000 system
  • Broadcasting audio from remote locations (via WAN), e.g. on a huge factory plant
  • 8 audio inputs, one on front (phone jack)
  • 20 control inputs
  • 10 control outputs
  • Audio transmission via LAN and other networks as WAN

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Especificaciones del producto:
Respuesta en frecuencia

100 Hz - 15 kHz

Entrada de audio

8 channels, ch. 1-4: -60/-40/-20/0 dBV selectable, 600 ohms, transformer-balanced; ch. 5-6: -20 dBV, 10 kohms, unbalanced; ch. 7-8: 0 dBV, 10 kohms, unbalanced

Entrada de control

20, no-voltage make contact input. Open voltage: 30 VDC, short-circuit current: 2-10 mA

Salida de control

5 open-collector, withstand voltage 30 VDC, max. current: 100 mA; 5 relay contacts, withstand voltage 30 VDC, max. current: 1 A

Temperatura de funcionamiento

0°C - +40°C


Placa de acero,negro, Volume control cover: acrylic resin, smoky grey


482 x 44 x 292.2 mm (Pr x Al x An)


3,2 kg

Fuente de alimentación

20 - 33 VDC


< 1 %

Consumo de corriente

0,33 A

Relación S/R

60 dB(A) (or more)


Signal (green) x8, Run x1, LINK/ACT x1


Removable screw terminals

Accesorio (incluido)

Rack mounting screw x4, removable terminal plugs: 6-pin x2, 4-pin x2, 10-pin x4, 12-pin x2, 2-pin x1

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